The End of Summer 2012

You know how I love summer. You know how sad I probably was this Monday evening. School started back last week, but I could at least pretend a little longer. But, nope. As much as Memorial harrolds in my favorite season, Labor Day takes it away disguised as an overly pleasant, bittersweet, three-day weekend. Oh Labor Day, you sneaky little devil. It was a good summer, we spent all but the last 3 weeks living in a hotel and discovering that that wasn’t so bad. There were Mosquito battles, but no one had heat stroke, all in all a good summer. We had GirlChild’s Bday, played in the pool, had my Bday, played in the pool some more, rebuilt a house, had K-man’s bday (I promised to get of my ass & post about his Farm cake soon), we had BoyChild II’s bday party (I know, I am sooo far behind on the cakes/parties), we moved back into the house, went back to school shopping, had Gma’s (My mother & yes this is the adult Luau I am still promising to fill everyone in on as well) Bday, and then started 3rd grade/middle school/high school. Whew! we did have a busy summer! I thought I’d share one last just for summer recipe before I type up all those party posts. This one is a great way to encourage the hydration (and still yummy). So enjoy one last summer recipe for 2012!

Fizzy Fruit Tea

  • Brew 4 bags green tea in your coffee maker
  • Pour brewed green tea into gallon sized pitcher
  • Add 12 oz frozen juice concentrate (try cranberry/raspberry, orange, apple/cherry, or your house’s favorite)
  • Stir well
  • Add ice to mix
  • Once cooled pour into glasses 2/3 full
  • Top each glass with chilled ginger ale (or club soda, either works)
  • If you are being very fancy add fresh berries etc
  • Serve & enjoy!

Hope you all had a great summer! Keep an eye out for all the partying we did. Stay cool till the weather does my friends. 🙂


Easiest Iced Coffee Ever

I love coffee. If you have read anything here at this blog, you know that already. I once wrote a really bad love poem to my coffee at about 3am. In general, I prefer my coffee regular. You know, brew regular coffee (no flavors) add some cream (I don’t like sugar in mine, but to each his own) and drink away. Hot, fresh, fairly plain coffee to the tune of about 3 pots per day, that’s how I prefer it. Sometimes I’ll get all fancy and use flavored coffee or creamer, but it’s super rare for me to do things like get a cup from a Starbucks or something like that (think 2 to 3 times per year). The only time of year that I am not toting my to go mug with me everywhere is when the thermometer is creeping past 80 degrees, at 9am, in other words Summertime. I still wake up have a cup (or 4) before I leave the house, but trying to drink hot coffee in 100 degree weather is a bit hard-core even for me. So what’s a girl to do? Iced coffee to the rescue! But I’m still not shelling out $3 or more a pop to support my coffee habit (that’d get crazy expensive, fast). So I developed this easy iced coffee recipe. It has to be easy, since I’ll be drinking about 10 of these a day. I decided to share this simple recipe after reading about how good it can be for you. Enjoy!


Brew coffee, full pot of whatever you usually drink. As soon as it is done brewing, turn the coffee maker off. (this is when I go to work)If you are gonna be around longer when it gets mostly room temp pour it into a small pitcher and store in fridge.

When you are ready for an iced coffee, fill cup with ice.

Add creamer (whatever your favorite is) and cold coffee. Stir & Drink.


I use fat-free hazelnut creamer in this ratio over the ice: 1/3 creamer, 2/3 coffee.


How crazy easy is that? I keep leftover coffee in a small pitcher in the fridge in the summer for me to use in the afternoons and just add coffee to it as I brew new stuff.


If you don’t want ice to water down your beverage you can get reusable ice cubes at places like Dollar General and use those.

More in Coffee News!

I was reading an article this morning about Super foods for summer, when I stumbled across this:

Iced Coffee
An iced pick-me-up is a great way to start your summer mornings. Better yet: drinking a single cup of coffee daily may lower your risk of developing skin cancer. In one study of more than 93,000 women, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, those who drank one cup of caffeinated coffee a day reduced their risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer by about 10 percent. And the more they drank—up to about 6 cups or so per day—the lower their risk. Decaf didn’t seem to offer the same protection.

Awesome! That’s right, no skin cancer for me ever! And this will also from now on be my reference when asshole-busy-bodies people suggest in that snooty tone (you know the one) “Maybe you should switch to decaf”. Wanted to share the good news with all of you whose blood-type is also coffee. We will live forever! Lol Also check out the rest of the article (good news for corn as well, maybe it’ll get to be a veggie again…) You may now return to enjoying your morning.

Stay tuned for a few of my fav make-at-home iced coffee recipes…