Luau Party

So I (finally) got it all typed up. I have been having an extremely busy summer and have been neglectful of all of you, sorry! But here it is: all the links to throwing a Luau party for the young teenager. (In our case 14-year-old girl) Keep in mind you can always add to these ideas and tweak the to make them more age/gender appropriate for your needs.

You probably noticed a few things missing from the previous posts, namely, punch! So here are the two versions of Pineapple Punch (one for the kiddies and then what to do with it after they go to sleep and it becomes grown-up-lady time):

For both of these you will need a 2 gallon container with a spout. The one in the picture is mine.

Pineapple Punch (virgin): Remember that pineapple juice you set to the side for the fruit salad and the skewers? Dump it in punch container. Add 1 64 oz bottle of 100% pineapple juice (it’ll be on the bottom shelf in the juice and cereal isle) to that. Using the bottle as a mixing tool mix 1 packet tropical punch Kool-aid mix, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 2/3 the bottle with water. Shake in bottle until well mixed, add to the larger container. Open and pour in 3 cans or orange soda. Stir and serve!

Pinneapple Punch (kinda sluty-but in a nice way): Using leftover punch you will want to create a 3 to 1 ratio with rum. (Whoa there, lush! It’s 3 punch to 1 rum.) You can use white or spiced rum, depending on your preference (or what bottles you already have). I used Cruzan Pinneapple Rum. Another really yummy combo is with Cruzan Coconut Rum or Malibu Parrot Bay. In case you somehow missed it, I really enjoy my rum. Pour mix over ice and reward yourself for another successful party (and celebrate that it’s over)!

Other things you might have missed:

Goodie bags. yes I do goodie bags, I know that that’s practically a political choice at this point, but I like putting together inexpensive bags of silly themed crap and giving them to over excited children, so there. If you are anti goodie bag, just skip this part here:

I buy solid colored bags (so that I can re-use them) and add toys/ candies/ pencils/etc that go with the theme of the party to them. Any leftovers go into a large bag that I raid for future goodie bags, small awards or prizes. (any time we play a game at a party I let the kids pick from this bag and add it to their goodie bag, I just use a sharpie to write their name on their bag.

 (I use the same sharpie to put names on the bottom of paper cups so people can refill their drinks)

These are the goodie bag treasures we had for our Luau: Fruit shaped flavored sugars (I hadn’t seen these in forever-since I was in middle school I think-but I found them at Party City & decided, Why not?  Just this once and all.); Flip-flop shaped key rings left over from another beach-themed party; tiny plastic yo-yos with flamingos and palm trees and parrots on them from the Dollar Store; and those plastic “prickly” balls that had flamingo heads and feet attached to them, also a Dollar Store find. See, not crazy, but fun and all the girls seemed genuinely excited about their take home party favors.

Craft: I found these wooden signs at the Dollar Store that the girls painted. (and then I forgot to take pictures) Each one was about 5 inches long balsam wood with a short hemp loop for hanging. They were shaped like surf boards, paddles, and waves. They came with pre-printed black drawings (like coloring book pages) and they had fun making the signs at the beginning of the party (so they would be dry enough to take home by the end).

For decorations I used any stuff I already had in tropical colors and just filled that out with items like these trays from the Dollar Store and Party City. I even found a net to drape over the TV and laced beach toys through it. This is where I had to get really creative, what with being a hotel room, but it was fun none the less!

Hope you have fun with your own Luau, please let me know & even send pictures if you do to I’ll post  stuff you send in, without your name etc. Below are listed the other posts for this party:

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