Fun in the Southern Summer Sun

Well, Memorial Day is this weekend, which means beginning of summer! Unless of course you live near me (North Carolina) then we’ve been having summer off and on since, well, last year’s summer. It was a weird Spring, even by weird NC spring standards, and the mildest winter in the last 50 some odd years. Anyone whose from the south can tell you if winter was warm (no to a few hard freezes) than the bugs (mostly mosquitoes) are gonna tote you away this summer. As someone who is sitting here with 17 bites at the moment (BoyChild II & I counted) I can tell you that they’re here (think it said in that creepy kid from Poltergeist’s voice). So what do us NC moms need to help us be ready for this weekend and the rest of our long, hot, humid summer? IMO there are really 3 main things we’ll be needing, a doctorate in sunscreen, bug repellant know how, and hydration information. That last one’s a little catchy– or maybe I’m woozy from the blood loss…

So Starting now, I’m going to share with you all what I have learned in my 30+ years as a southern girl (who is in no way shape or form a doctor) and attach those posts to this page (cause I like things tidy dagumit). I’ll start with an overview of the big 3 and as I read things or hear about them through out the summer I’ll build on it. A lot of this I first learned (then researched on my own) because someone shared it with me, so welcome to my Village, folks! 🙂 I will also be attaching our summer recipe posts here (again for tidiness) and because what kinda southern summer would be complete without bar-b-ques on the weekends? If you have any useful (or even better, funny) tips/antidotes to share I’d love to hear them too. Comment away…

aka The time Grandmama had the camera... :)


20 thoughts on “Fun in the Southern Summer Sun

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