Easy Glaze

This is a basic glaze, you can use it on any dense cake or bread, like Pumpkin Bread or Pound Cake. Having a standard glaze recipe is essential to any cook’s repertoire. The first one here is the most basic and then a few variations are listed below that.

*Remember glazes should be drizzled, they are not frosting and should never completely coat.*

What you will need:

3 3/4 cups Powdered Sugar

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

1/4 cup Water

Small Saucepan

What to do: This is like making simple syrup for drinks, only you will want this to be slightly thicker, even when it’s still hot. Keep in mind, once this becomes cool it will harden.

Whisk constantly while on low heat. Add water to pan first, then vanilla, then gradually whisk in powdered sugar.

Once all ingredients are combined alow to cook until mix begins to thicken (just a few seconds after boiling) stirring the entire time.

Remove from heat once beginning to thicken.

Pour over cake/bread/etc. Allow to cool completely before serving.

Sugar Free Glaze:

Substitute Splenda for powdered sugar. (Splenda has the best consistency for this particular recipe)

Add 1/2 water to start, gradually add more until consistency is right. (If you accidentally add too much water allow to cook a moment longer to thicken back to desired consistency)

Lemon Glaze:

Use Lemon Juice instead of water and Lemon Extract instead of Vanilla.

Chocolate Glaze:

Use Chocolate Extract instead of Vanilla.

Add 1/4 cup baking cocoa and 1/3 cup additional powdered sugar. Add additional water 1 Tablespoon at a time until consistency is correct.

Coffee Glaze:

Use brewed (preferably strongly brewed) coffee instead of water. If you want a more espresso feel substitute Coffee Extract for Vanilla.

Raspberry or Strawberry Glaze:

Substitute appropriate Extract for Vanilla.


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