Texting and the Single Mom

You all know that I am having a love affair with my phone. What you don’t realize is that it’s only the second cellphone I’ve ever had. I was totally one of those people, the people who are all “I don’t want everyone to be able to get up with me all the time” or even more so for me “I’m never anywhere but work, home, grocery store, or driving between the three. Why do I need another way to be contacted?” Obviously, I changed my mind (although I still don’t answer the phone if I’m driving, you will have to be patient), I think a lot of that change had to do with the kids getting older and therefor actually going places without me (other than school). I have also discovered I would rather text than make a phone call, I would rather get a text than a call as well. I was about 16 or 17 the last time I was excited to talk on the phone, but I can text while I’m doing the nine thousand things per day that I do and still actually get them done. (If you are a Mom you know that the moment you put a phone to your ear children you didn’t even know you have will suddenly be dying of malnurisment or some other such emergency and you cannot actually have a conversation with any children present and conscious)

I have also previously shared that I have been on a relationship hideous since 2009. I have spent the last couple of years recovering from a relationship, getting to know me, raising my kids, accomplishing personal goals, blah, blah self-affirming psychobabble here. (I really have been doing those things, but I am as always, aware of what it sounds like when I say it out loud)In the last month or so I have begun to consider (not the gun-shy indecision) pursuing or being pursued by members of the opposite sex. I have obviously not fully committed to that idea yet, but I have started noticing male people and how attractive/unattractive they are, so that’s a start, right? Right.

Now, you are wondering what the f-ing h those two paragraphs above have in common, aren’t you? Well, I stumbled across an article today that immediately struck me as something that I wasn’t even aware of text flirting etiquette. Who knew? Apparently there are rules. As I have never flirted with anyone via text, I assumed the post was referring to a younger crowd until I read this:

“…You hated on our generation at first (no hard feelings) because you thought texting was taking away from human interaction and ruining our lives as we know it. Even as everyone around you started getting qwerty keyboards for easier texting, you stood your ground, preferred phone calls, and ignored SMS like the swine flu.

But look at you now. Today you stand white flag in hand, cell in the other, singing a different tune. You send over ten texts a day, pass on leaving voice mails, and have even accepted a date invite over text. If you’re single, you’ve definitely sent a LNBT (Late Night Booty Text) a time or dozen — not realizing there was a term for it. We’re so glad you finally came around, and hope you’re enjoying the endless benefits of easy, accessible and fast, communication 24/7…”

*For the record I have never sent a “LNBT”, but if I did I will certainly now know the name for it.*

That’s when I realized, oh this is intended for me. Hmm, sure I’m game, what are these text flirting rules? Apparently there’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to this. Here are some of the ones it listed:

For the record I knew about tweeting, but does that mean people are flirt tweeting too? See, now I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Part of me thinks, sure I could have figured all that out, had it occurred to me to flirt via text, but it just hadn’t (yet). I read the rest of the post where it came off as a bit snotty, but for the most part made me think, maybe I’m still not ready for all this. *reconsidering nun habit* But I did think it was interesting enough to share with all of you.

If you were going to add to this list, what would you add? Are you as overwhelmed with the simple idea of possibly dating again too? As always, let me know…


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