“Fancy” Shrimp Salad

No this is not actually a fancy or complicated salad, but my children are convinced that if we get to eat shrimp it must be a fancy occasion, and so they named this salad. This salad calls for precooked frozen salad shrimp, which are not cheap. As you know, I don’t have a large food budget, but we do eat this salad a few times per summer. Basically, like with any meat, I buy when things are on sale. I’m not talking “Oh, well, that’s cheaper than last week” type sale. Outside of special occasion shopping (and even then I try to avoid it) I buy meats when they are “Holly cow, that’s an incredibly great price” on sale. Then I freeze them. I probably should write a post about freezing sale foods for later… Wait. Focus. So a small bag of salad shrimp has enough to feed us two meals, but once you thaw those little things they do not keep long at all! You have about a week, tops. Make sure to thaw them as it instructs on the bag (this is a food safety issue, since you aren’t going to cook them, pay close attention). Basically put them in their bag still a clean colander in your empty sink, turn on the cold water to run over them until they are completely thawed. Then open the bag and rinse them one more time. After you rinse and drain them the final time put them on folded paper towels to absorb some of the water.


Portion Base Salad into bowls

Top with diced bell peppers, cucumbers and grape tomatoes.

Sprinkle (small) handful jack cheese shreds

Top with 1/4 cup salad shrimp

For adults (& braver kids) top with cocktail sauce.

For kids (& adults who won’t eat cocktail sauce) add dressing. I recommend a French or Catalina, but one of mine likes this with ranch and one likes it with ketchup *shudder*, so to each his own I suppose.

 Serve & Enjoy!

 *Make sure to put salad in a Tupperware and back in the fridge as quickly as possible. *


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