Simplest Pasta Salad Ever

This is the pasta salad I invented when I had one super picky preschooler and one super picky two-year-old. We were having a bar-b-que and I needed a really quick side that everyone would eat (and a way to sneak any veggies into the meal). They loved it, the adults loved it too. I’ve been making it ever since. This recipe has fewer preservatives, salt, and is cheaper than the convenience boxes you can buy at the grocery store.


What you’ll need:

1 can baby sweet peas drained (use baby sweet peas, they are sweeter, I promise a better choice here)

Fat free Ranch dressing (whatever brand you use, or if you have time & can make your own that’s even better) You will need about 14 to 16 ounces, depending on your sauce preference.

3 1/2 cups dry Wacky Mac pasta (I really think they should start paying me for product endorsement-ahem-or at least send me coupons…)

Grated Parmesan Cheese




Boil water, add pasta, cook then drain.

In a large mixing bowl, fold (use a spatula or wooden spoon & try not to mush the peas) pasta, ranch and peas.

Refrigerate, at least 30 mins. (keep in mind Ranch dressing is mayonnaise-based so it should be kept cold for safety reasons)

Top with Parmesan right before serving.


Voila! Fancy pasta salad a two-year-old will eat!


*This will keep in you fridge for about a week, if you want to make it in advance, or as leftovers. It can be frozen (without the parm) for a long transport in the car as well.  Also, way less bad-for-you stuff than say macaroni or potato salad (not that I don’t enjoy those as well)*


Mix it Up:

When you get to the point that you can play around with this and people will try it, experiment with other veggies or beans that can be added to this.

We like shredded carrots tossed in, make sure to shred then immediately coat with the ranch or they will discolor (and then No One will want it).


What other things could you tweak this with? Let me know. Enjoy your Holiday Weekend! 🙂



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