Easiest Strawberry Pie Ever

This recipe is my Mom’s, she’s been making it as long as I can remember. She swears up and down that it’s actually the way they made Strawberry Pie at Shoney’s when she worked there (in the 70s). I am pretty sure this is not some crazy trade secret and I think Shoney’s went out of business about a decade ago, anybody remember them/know if they are still an operating company? (maybe I’ll Google it later…) The last one I ever saw went out of business when GirlChild was a toddler (I don’t have memories in years, only in my children’s stages of development)This recipe is ONLY good with fresh Strawberries, which means it only gets made in the summer around here. I like to make it for Memorial Day because it’s super easy and quick which means less kitchen time and more fun in the sun.

You will need:

1 bag strawberry glaze (yes this has all kinds of bad for you stuff in it-get over it-it’s desert not supper & you are probably serving it with cheeseburgers & hot dogs Ms Judgey-Pants)<-I’ve decided her name should be hyphenated due to her pretentiousness.

1 already made shortbread pie crust

Fresh Strawberries, washed, sliced (about 2 lbs of berries, you will have leftovers, just eat those)

Cool Whip (NOT Reddi Whip-won’t work the same)



Layer strawberry slices into pie crust.

Add glaze, fold into berries with spatula (careful, you want berries coated but still in layers, and you don’t want to scratch the pie crust)

Add layer of cool whip about 1 inch deep across entire pie.

Cover with clear plastic lid pie crust came with and refrigerate until time to serve or at least 30 mins.


How easy was that?! Impress people at your bar-b-que with this yummy simple pie, but still enjoy your holiday weekend! Stay tuned for more cook-out dishes that are great for this weekend…


*Note: this pie will turn watery on a very hot day & will spoil on a countertop after 24 hours. So, it’s not a make ahead pie, it’s a make earlier in the day pie and then store in your fridge or cooler.*


*Additional note: this pie is so quick to make that I made it and the Simplest Pasta Salad Ever in 32 minutes (I was curious so I timed it) this morning!*


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