Yankee Candle Gets Manly and a Few Suggestions from Mama

I was checking out the news (aka msn blogs) and saw an article about the New Yankee Candle line for men. I’d heard about them on radio commercials, but I decided I had to see how much was real and how much was radio silliness. Nope, totally real. This reminds me of the time they came out with “man soda”. Does anybody remember that stuff? *shudder* It also occurred to me that I now totally know what I’m getting my brother for Father’s Day (Shh don’t tell him, it’s not like he reads this so if he finds out I’ll know who told-ahem-RedBird). This also got me to thinking there are some scents they missed from this line, thus today’s little list. If I list one that they did come out with and wasn’t in the release I read, please let me know! A chuckle would be good. BTW this guy Harlan Kent, from Yankee Candle explains

 “…30 percent of candles are given as gifts, according to Kent, and what respectable bro would willingly give his bowling buddy a candle that smells like peaches? (Kent specifies: “There’s nothing that’s not masculine about peaches.”)” 

 For the record, I am also not a fan of peaches, or anything that you are supposed to eat after it grows fuzz.

  1. New Car Smell (this one seems obvious to me)
  2. Freshly Cut Grass (they have this First Down Scent, but it seems like you should have a “pure” version as well )
  3. Leather (again needing a “pure” example)
  4. Freshly Opened Beer (Don’t judge a lot of guys I know like that smell… alright you can judge a little)
  5. Fresh White T-shirt (think the “manly” version of Clean Cotton)
  6. Bacon (no explanation needed although that Kent guy agrees with me)
  7. Charcoal (I’m pretty sure they are huffing that stuff when we are not looking)
  8. Steak (Cooked, not raw, maybe with a subtle A-1 finish?)
  9. Locker Room (they seem to like it in there, & work really hard at keeping their rooms smelling that way… or maybe I’m thinking of teen boys… hmm a spinoff Teen Spirit sort of line?)
  10. NASCAR (think asphalt on a hot day, with rubber overtones, and beer undertones)
  11. Poker Night (think cigar, bourbon and pizza, perhaps a little dusty smell?)

That’s what I got for now, maybe I could get a job with Yankee Candle…  I know mine are at least better than these that I found when I was looking for pictures to go with this blog. Sweaty Man Ass?! Ewww!

 They have had what I’d consider manly scents before, but discontinued them. Maybe they will pull this one out of retirement?


 Got any other funny, or maybe even serious ideas for Candle scents for men?


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