Games for a Luau (that don’t embarrass 14 year old girls… too much)

I always come up with games and activities to go along with party themes. This has always been pretty easy because little kids will try any party game. (No really, tell them it’s a party game & they’ll clean the yard no foolin’) We have played “Villain Bowling” in which you bowl over the villains from classic Batman cartoons at a Batman party, We have played “Tombstone Obstacle Course”, “Hot, Rotten Pumpkin” (12 year-old boys are fun!), “Halloween Charades”, and more for Halloween parties (BoyChild I’s Bday is at the end of October), “UnBirthday Musical Chairs” (think Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party w/ 3-year-old girls in Tiaras) at a Tea party, “Treasure hunt for pirate booty” (I.e. stuff for goodie bags) at a pirate party, I could list the silliness that we have enjoyed till the cows came home… (Although I just got an idea for a farm party, gotta write that down) However each year there is some little chink in the party planning armor. One year it was “Mom I want a Haunted House birthday cake” “Sure, that’ll be easy I’ll use the big rectangle pan…” “No up and down, you know 3 D”… (My kids have more faith in my abilities than I do & for the record I actually made/destroyed/repaired/made again that cake three times. *shudder* Another year it was the pirate treasure chest piñata whose side kept falling before its paper mache dried. *sigh* This year’s cravat came, not in the form of skill lacking or material malfunction, it came in the form of my first (and often still worst) critic, GirlChild, aka a soon-to-be-14-year-old-girl. If you’ve ever been a 14-year-old girl (or just been around one) you may see where I’m going with this. The explicit (not swear words-go look up what that word means kiddo) instructions I was given were, “Mom, whatever, just please try not to embarrass me.” Ouch. Pretty sure my inner teenager was all “What?! She wouldn’t know what cool was if it bit her on the f@#*%@# a#*!” (My inner teen has a potty mouth, she & inner bar fly hang out too much, bad influence & all). “Who does she come to for hair/clothes help?!” Then I calmed the hell down and remembered that I’m 31 & she’s 14, so I got over it. (It’s been a while since I gave a flying f what a 14 year-old thought about how cool I was, or anyone that matter)So, really had to rack my brain for Luau activities that were age appropriate (i.e. no drinking), inexpensive (mostly free), and not embarrassing to my daughter…

I know, you already came up with Limbo, too. And I found a bamboo stick in someone I knows yard, so we could have an authentic nod to our game. However, that game is only fun for a little while.

So I came up with Hula Dancer Relay Race! What fantastic, family fun is this you say? 🙂 I know you aren’t that excited but I’ll share anyway. You remember how relay races work right? 2 teams, 1/2 of each team stood at the opposite end of the gym from the other 1/2 of their team, they had a baton or some such and you ran to the other side, passed to your teammate, they ran across the gym, passed, back and forth until every body on the team had a go, first team to get through all members wins. Okay, so same concept except, outside and instead of a baton, a hula dancer costume. (Imagine Dollar Store Coconut Bra, Grass skirt, and Lei) All I can say is too funny! The winning team got flip-flop key rings. (I use the “goodie bag” toys as prizes for games & then they take home a goodie bag of their winnings)

Then I made a Corn-hole board that looked (kinda) like a tiki face. (the eyes & mouth are the holes) This is just a piece of plywood with paint, but fun, if you aren’t familiar with the game, try here. I should also give a special shout out to my Brother for owning a saw & cutting the lovely openings for me (thanks dude!!).

I found (Also at the Dollar Store) wooden unpainted signs that look like surf boards and boat paddles & say things “Surf’s Up” and “Chill”, you get the idea. I let the kids paint these as well. (& them take them home for their mothers to deal with wet paint and all… wahahahaha)

I gathered a Luau soundtrack for the party, one was an actual Luau CD, the others were my Beach Boys Greatest Hits & An edited Jimmy Buffett CD (gotta keep some of Jimmy away from 14-year-olds) We played the music throughout the party. I also had a whole mess of water balloons set aside in case it was hot & we ran out of stuff to do.

Unfortunately, we live in North Carolina. Which means the first week of May could be anywhere from 90 degrees, sunny and humid to 50 degrees with torrential rain. Wanna guess what our weather was like that afternoon? Yeah, we ended up being inside the hotel instead of outside, so our games were stunted, at best. Everybody seemed to have fun, and most importantly no children were embarrassed in the making of this party.

*A side note: I liked this party so much, I will be doing it again in July for my birthday & GirlChild is looking forward to getting to play the games “for real”. I will update you after, maybe with pictures…*


Visit the Luau party page for all the recipes and posts involved in this party!


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