Easy Spicy Soup

Remember the Jambalaya I told you about? So here is it’s sequel. I mentioned before how much I hate having to serve leftovers, how I prefer reworking them and all. That’s what this soup is about.

Put leftover jambalaya in a large pot with a lid on the stove.

Add a box of reduced sodium chicken broth. Like this one: Turn on heat to medium. stir until cold Jambalaya is mixed in well.

Add 1 can drained & rinsed red beans. Add 1 can carrots (do not drain). Add 1 can green beans* (also do not drain). Stir until well blended.

While this heats up make cheese toast. (Ours is just broiled wheat bread with American melted on it cut into triangles, do what you like here)

When soup is hot, serve in bowls with cheese toast beside it. Yumm (and this takes 30 minutes or less-two thumbs up)


*I use straight cut, not french because they hold up better in soup. Also you can add any other veggies and beans you want to this experiment and see what you like!


One thought on “Easy Spicy Soup

  1. I forgot to mention! When serving hot soup to littler ones use washable plastic spoons, instead of metal. (less burned mouths) Soup tastes better hot but nothing tastes good in a burnt mouth.

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