An Update from the Table…

So if you happened to notice, I have taken a two-week hiatus from blogging, I have had a lot going on, working two jobs, raising three kids, the normal stuff plus several wrenches thrown in my program. GirlChild turned 14 (I still will get those pics and recipes I promised up) although it rained/lightninged/etc so we had to have our Luau inside, with multiple 14 year olds, in a hotel room. That same day my BIL graduated college (way to go dude!). We had inspectors in and out and in and out and in and out (you can see where this is going) the whole two weeks, still waiting on final “permission” to start actually repairing our house. Mother’s Day was this past weekend, I’m sure you noticed. Then there was the event that happened that overshadowed what was already a packed couple of weeks and rendered me emotionally useless. My Grandmother died. She would have turned 86 yesterday, she was my father’s mother and one of my (if not my) favorite people growing up. She had Alzheimer’s so I keep telling myself I actually lost her somewhere about 6 or 7 years ago and should have been ready for her physical passing. Apparently I wasn’t. My normally very logical mind is still having a hard time getting my soft squishy heart on board with that idea. I can say she had a beautiful funeral, well attended, she looked beautiful and truly peaceful for the first time in a long time. She would have liked what was done in her honor. She would have loved the boys in their suits and the girls in their nicest black and navy dresses, we all managed to look like ladies and gentlemen in the 93 degree heat, that would have meant a lot to her, she would have been proud. After I get exactly what I want to say together I will post a page dedicated to her. But for now, I’ll take comfort in my belief that we get all knowledge when we leave here, that which was lost and that which we never had, so I believe she was looking down on all of us that day, and smiling, so proud of her family and felt very loved. I leave you with this to think on while I get all the posts I have been working on, but couldn’t finish, ready, then I’ll be post blasting for the next couple of days. I know it was just mother’s day so we all made an effort to let the awesome women in our lives know how much we love them, but it’s worth it to today call, email, write, visit those family members you don’t see everyday tell them you love them.


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