The Lucky One, I Love Oranges!

I just read the most scathing review I think  I have ever read. I was wondering what was being said about The Lucky One, the movie, because I read the book last summer and really enjoyed it. The reviewer basically crucified the book saying

“…the plot of “The Lucky One,” which rolls along on a series of square-wheeled coincidences, turning down rough roads of ridiculousness.”

Ouch. For the record I am a Nicholas Sparks fan, liked his books before the whole current make all of them into movies with teen starts craze. Most people (who read the genre) here in North Carolina are, a lot of his locations are real and that’s always cool when reading a romance. The reviewer goes on to say

“…Director Scott Hicks and screenwriter Will Fetters try, but there’s not a lot they can do to customize what feels like a product that’s rolled off the Sparks assembly line with every ridiculous plot contortion hard-welded into the structure.”

So it seems to me the critic, James Rocchi, hated the book and felt like the movie was the best possible, considering the material they had to work with. Well, damn. I haven’t seen the movie, obviously, that was why I was reading reviews, but the book was good. My GirlChild & RedBird both want to see the movie so I have loaned the book out. (I have a feeling that at least one of them just wants to see a sweaty Zac Efron, but whatever gets teen girls to read, like I said in Gluttony for a Cause, right?) Anyway, back to the bloody stripping this man has given ole Nicholas. First of all, I think the reviewer is comparing apples and oranges. With words like “assembly line” to describe the plot and

“but really it’s about rigorously, robotically following a predetermined “tried and true” phony and false formula”

 it sounds like he thought he was reading classic literature, something that might of won the Warwick Prize for Writing, or some other lofty award. If that was what The Lucky One was, than I would totally agree with his assessment of the book. The problem? That’s an apple, a shining piece of literary work, suitable for English class dissection and to be hallowed as a classic for generations to come. It’s not Pride and Prejudice, it’s a romance novel. It’s an orange, which I thoroughly enjoy. I do not expect my oranges to taste like apples, my Aerosmith to sound like Mozart, or my romance novels to have any literary merit. In my opinion, romance novels are not supposed to be very realistic, real-life isn’t romantic, that’s why some of us read this stuff. It’s an escapee from reality, like a grown-up fairy tale. Handsome guy woos damsel in distress, toss in over the top lines and a quirky additional character or two, stir and voila, romance novel. Each one should be a little unique, sure but they are supposed to be fun, light, a little unrealistic, something you can read in the park or the carpool, or the bathtub. I think this guy really needs to lighten up, no movie with Zac Efron in it is based on any apple, they are oranges and I enjoy citrus, thank-you-very-much.


Will you be seeing the movie The Lucky One? Have you read the book? If you have seen or read either what did you think?


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