Road Trip!

So today after I got off work we embarked on a road trip to spend a long weekend with extended family. It was 2 1/2 hours in the car with 3 kiddos & me. We are now sitting on beds in a hotel room eating popcorn and watching movies before we all pass out. But that’s not what prompted me to turn on the laptop. As we were driving down the road eating junk food and singing along with the stereo it occurred to me I should make a list of the ridiculous things that were heard in my SUV as we drove through the North Carolina countryside. (for the purposes of this blog we will be using people’s initials instead of standard pseudonyms)

So in no particular order enjoy our silly:

  • W! Move your face!
  • Look! Stripped cows!
  • Dude, a town called Sims!?
  • Whoa check out all the bug guts on the windshield, duuude.
  • This reminds me of that movie Jeepers Creepers.
  • F@$%&! We forgot E’s meds!
  • Is THIS the hotel!? No that’s a barn.
  • Is this the hotel? No that’s a fire station.
  • Is this the hotel? NO W this is McDonald’s!
  • Are we staying at McDonald’s? No we are staying in a hotel.
  • Mooom. Make E stop picking his toes.
  • That cloud looks like Santa on a sleigh with glasses.
  • I think E is hogging all the chips.
  • What is our car exploded right here and we had to walk and someone got struck by lightning and then we had to carry them but they got heavy so we had to drag them down the road and a car came and almost ran us all over? (this was actually said in one breath)


Lol Ahh good times, good times. Hallmark movie stuff…


Enjoy your weekend!


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