The Tragic Weapons Incident of March 2012

Did you catch it on the news? There was a weapons incident at my sons’ school. Some obviously deranged and psychotic child, a real menace  to both school and society, was suspended yesterday. He was charged with having a facsimile of a weapon with moving parts, which carries a minimum 10 day, maximum one year suspension from school.  I, for one am sooo glad that the proper authorities swooped in and promptly ejected this miscreant from the school where my babies go. I’m disappointed it wasn’t on the five o’clock news, we were almost exposed to the vile, dangerous, gun a child built at school out of legos! Wait. What? Yeah that’s right welcome to my crazy world. The miscreant? That’d be BoyChild I. He gets “lego time” at school as a reward for good behavior. He’s not allowed to build or own any weapons (play or otherwise) at home, which was his explanation to the principal when she asked my special needs son why on earth he built a gun out of legos at school.

 I must use an aside here to point out that she wrote a letter to the school board regarding my son and his lack of psychopathic tendencies. The letter she wrote saved his butt. He was only suspended for one day due to “mitigating circumstances”. So a big Thank You should go out to her here that my son gets to finish the fifth grade. And before we go any further, he got in Big trouble at home as well as me explaining to him that lego weapons at school are a crime.


So back to the crazy, we have gotten out of hand as a society, at least in my opinion. Public school being a shining example of our crazy. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t let the kid play with weapons, watch violent TV, or play violent video games, I am petrified of my kids being in High school and watching the news to see another shooting spree. ( I remember watching Columbine on the news *shudder* while I was pregnant with this same boy) So now we have a no tolerance policy for , well just about every damn thing. Let me give you a short list of what our “no tolerance” policies are protecting us from…

    • Sunscreen at school when it’s 80+ degrees outside at recess or better yet field day (dangerous drug that Coppertone)
    • Legos built into anything that can “project” anything else (that’s right no more dangerous weapons hurling paper balls at block towers-whew)
    • Hugs (those kindergarteners always sexually harassing each other)
    • Motrin for the 10 year old little girl who’s on her period (I challenge any of you ladies to go through the whole day on your period off  of the two you took with breakfast)
    • Epipens anywhere other than the office (cause, you know, when someone gets stung by a bee/eats peanut butter/etc you’ve got time to get to the front office)
    • Back scratching (as in my back itches can you…?) This is obviously to deter our over sexed first graders… thank goodness, someone needed to rein them in!
    • Book bags-just carry them, wimps! (this is to protect us from the bombs the sixth graders are walking around with strapped to their backs)

All of these are completely from personal experience or observation- no urban legends here. Do you see less violence in the news thanks to these policies? Do you feel safer knowing that we are keeping these dangers out of school? I don’t, in fact it makes me sad. There comes a point (& I think our society is there) where we have swung so far past reasonable protection that it is damaging our kids. Should you ever have to explain to a 5 year old why when your  friend Suzie is crying you may not put an arm around her shoulder because that’s sexual harassment?! No,  neither 5 year old should even know what that is! We live in a world where kids don’t play outside in their own yards. Where Motrin is a dangerous drug and elementary schoolers don’t have recess everyday so that they can “study” for EOGs.

I am glad that my son isn’t suspended the rest of the school year, I’m grateful that I got to see a little common sense at the school. But isn’t it silly that the principal had to write a letter essentially begging them to not suspend him in the first place? Do you agree with me, have we gone too far? Or do you feel it’s all appropriate, maybe even not enough? I’m curious to see where others stand on this one, let me know.


5 thoughts on “The Tragic Weapons Incident of March 2012

  1. Glad I could provide some post title inspiration. 😉

    “There comes a point (& I think our society is there) where we have swung so far past reasonable protection that it is damaging our kids.” <—YES, well-phrased. I definitely concur.

  2. Wow… we’ve reached the point where PC got beyond absurdity into idiocy. Honestly, hugs? Forbidden? What a way to send the wrong message and develop children unable to relate or be empathetic.
    Glad this didn’t go too far!

  3. It does make me a little crazy sometiimes. I think not enough people know what’s going on in our public schools, much less society in general. But I was VERY fortunate to have a principal around who would go to bat for my kid, this could havedefinately been horrible, instead of an inspiration for a slightly funny blog post. 😉

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