A Little St Patty’s Day Tradition

So it’s that time of year, suddenly everybody’s Irish. (Like Cinco  De Mayo but that’s an entirely different blog) I’m actually a very large part Irish, although quite frankly this is America and most of us are mutts. I enjoy all the holidays though and if a holiday demands wacky clothing & drinking? Well that puts it at the top of my list. I’ll be donning my light-up shamrock earrings tomorrow and a long list of other ridiculous paraphernalia as I go about on my Saturday errands (much to the dismay of at least 2 out of 3 children). But that’s just part of my tradition. I’ll be discussing leprechauns, banshees, faeries and other such creatures with any of the kids that’ll listen to the stories and the histories. I’ll also be hunting for something on the History Channel, so if you know of a good one, message me! I already had a green bagel this morning for breakfast and am looking forward to the green beer tomorrow night.

I did want to share a fun thing to do with littler guys for St Patty’s day. Before they get up (or in my case after their bedtime but before mine) go through the kitchen and move stuff around, just silly things. Things like open all the cabinet doors, pull out a chair from under the table, put some of the things in the pantry on the kitchen table, you get the idea. Then take a tiny bit (cause you have to clean it up later) of green glitter and trail it about the room. You can add to this “mischief” or take away from it. Then in the morning walk into that kitchen with your little one. “Oh my! What has happened in Mommy’s kitchen?!” Or something to that effect. Then “discover” the glitter. “Oh, it must have been a leprechaun loose in our kitchen. Those little guys are so mischievous” Then as you have breakfast talk about how silly/tricky/dangerous leprechauns can be, you’re the mom, you decide how to spin it, but it’s a great way to introduce a little culture into a little one’s day. Especially if you can talk about what is Ireland and what neat stories the Irish people have. Go to the library and check out a book of stories, it could me fun. Or you can just drink the green beer, totally your choice lol.

What is St Patty’s day like at your house?


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