12 Confusing Foods

So I was trolling across the internet today and ran across a great article  on Fitbie that helped clear up several food questions for me. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I feel like every time I turn around some food that was fine or even good for me yesterday is going to cause cancer, kill my children, kill unborn babies, cause mental and physical deformities, you get the idea. It’s scary. It also starts to feel silly, as though we are actually in that story the boy who cried wolf. “Danger! Cancer! Dead Babies!” After awhile even that gets laughed off. So with that in mind I followed the slide show & read the “hot off the press” nutrition info & then put it into a chart. (Cause I love charts & hate internet slide shows) Here is what I learned: (Oh fun, now it’s like a book report, always liked those…) 

Food in Question Good/Fair Some Important Details
Coffee Good Just no fancy, syrupy, frothy stuff!
Wine Good (Red gets an A+) All wines are good! Red have extra good stuff. Down side: it’s only good if you have 1 glass per day. (put that 3rd one down, lush *shakes head*)
Potatoes Good Score some fiber & 1/4 of your daily potassium (awesome cause I hate bananas) Just eat them baked or boiled (fries are still bad for you, silly)
Cheese Good A  1oz serving is about 1/4 of your calcium requirement. (thank goodness since I ❤ cheese) Eat low-fat or strongly flavored cheese to help watch your portion size & fat intake.
Fish (aka evil mercury swimmers) Good Just eat a variety, so you don’t have any build-up & especially if you are in those “high risk” groups.
Chocolate Good (Dark gets A+) That’s right even milky, creamy, yummy Hershey’s is good for you!  (moderation ladies!)
Red Meat Fair Just stick with lean cuts (loin/round) and 6 or less servings in a week. Pair meat with a healthy side & you balance your fat intake. But excellent source of iron, protein & B vitamins.
Nuts Good Great, filling, high protein snack. (& those fats that drove us all away? They’re the good for you kind) A 1oz serving is huge too. (23 almonds, 14 walnut 1/2s, or 49 pistachios-my jaw would hurt if I ate more than that!)
Beer Good  Yup, not a type-o. Go read wine (minus the red wine info) same stuff different flavor. (Now if I could just have 1…lol)
Soy Fair Soy is good protein, just very careful moderation & ask your doc before you take any supplements. (don’t go messing with your hormones-that’s the doc’s job))
Eggs (aka the original yo-yo health food) Good (I’ll get back to you next week with an update) Apparently they have way less cholesterol than we thought, but still all that protein.
Margarine (aka butter at my house) Fair It is still solid fat, so calm down. However if you are using the kind in the tub it now is made from veggie or canola oils which are “good” oils. The stick is still made from the evil  & dreaded partially hydrogenated oils.

Feeling educated? I don’t know about you, but I am totally having a steak and beer (with a healthy spinach salad wink wink) for supper, before I’m not supposed to again.

Got any food flip-flop facts to share? Extra points if they are truly outrageous sounding 🙂


6 thoughts on “12 Confusing Foods

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  2. I just saw this: Told you, eggs never get good ratings for long. Is this going to change how you look at eggs? Or, like me are you done with the egg yo-yo?

    Egg yolks almost as bad for your ticker as smoking, says study
    4 hrs ago Avert your eyes, egg-lovers. New research from Canada’s Western University says eating egg yolks regularly is nearly as effective as smoking cigarettes when it comes to speeding up atherosclerosis, or coronary artery disease. The study looked at 1,231 men and woman with the average age of 61.5 years and found eating three or more egg yolks per week over the years was two-thirds as bad as smoking for increasing carotid plaque on your inner arterial wall, a risk factor for stroke and heart attack. Study authors stressed that “regular consumption of egg yolk should be avoided by persons at risk of cardiovascular disease.” Boo!


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