Culinary Wing Spreading Part 2: Sage and Garlic Roasted Chicken

So our second night of “school” was delayed, sorry all. But when we finally did get going on it was another success! So there was much less fear of raw chicken happening so it was a less hysterical meal, but quite yummy. (keep in mind we feed 9 at a time ’round here) Once again this was a rub since they are so easy.

Sage and Garlic Chicken Rub (we used leg quarters but you can use a whole chicken, breasts, etc just no boneless) Mix in bowl & rub into chicken:

2 Tbls Sage                         2 tsp Seasoned Salt

1 tsp Parsley                       2 Tbls Paprika

1 tsp Thyme

3 Cloves Garlic

Drizzle chicken with EVOO & place in casserole dish. Bake at 375 degrees until juices run clear.

We served this with roasted potatoes sprinkled with parm cheese and steamed frozen broccoli. Yummm 🙂






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