Super Easy SuperBowl Brownies

Friday, February 03, 2012

11:52 AM

Okay so most of the time if there is an event, a holiday birthday, etc I go a little crazy. I have a baking problem, but that’s something I’ll get more into later. SuperBowl Sunday for me is the one holiday/event like requires minimal prep work; as long as we aren’t having an actual party,  then “taht’s Katie bar the door all over again.” So this year there’s no party, unless you ask BoyChild I who firmly believes it must be a party if there is food in the living room (I’m kinda strict about that I guess), which means quick and easy game night food. I’m great at ridiculously easy foods and recipes (boxes of cake mix, etc) and tweaking them to make them mine & way awesome for barely any work. Now, the game’s gonna happen around suppertime & spill over into desert/bedtime so this menu is easy, kid friendly, eat on the couch, but actually supper.



  • Veggie dipper tray– This is a platter with raw veggies cut to strips (I use carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, celery & bell peppers but that’s cause these are our favorites, you can use any veggies your people enjoy) On this tray I place small ramekins (not all of these are for veggies but if you are eating in MY living room we will be containing all sauces) some ideas for “dips” can be ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, buffalo sauce, honey, Nutella, peanut butter,  cream cheese… whatever you’ve already got around the house.
  • Ritz crackers (shaped like footballs- natch) with slices of whatever cheese is in the fridge
  • Pretzels ( I found the football shaped ones this year but plain works too-great dipped in nutella or peanut butter!)
  • Chips & salsa– this one’s obvious & I’ll be using salsa left over from enchiladas earlier in the week (yeah sneekin’  in leftovers)
  • Chicken tray– okay so there are a million chicken strips out there to purchase frozen pick the kid you like & bake them as it describes on the package. Get a package of boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, rinse them, toss them in olive oil, sprinkle to taste on both sides the following: seasoned salt, onion powder, pepper (thought it was gonna get hard-didn’t you? Lol I made a promise silly) bake  (on a separate cookie sheet from the frozen tenders) at whatever temp you are baking the frozen ones, so keep an eye out for doneness, you are going for white w/ some golden orangey brown places (cut open the biggest one to check) All  chicken goes on a platter, provide a pairs of tongs or just napkins, whichever makes you more comfy.
  • Super easy SuperBowl Brownies– ready? Ok take 1 random box brownie mix, don’t care what brand, just the basic mix, no added fudge swirl/stir ins/blondies/etc. Mix as directed, leave in large bowl. In a separate bowl whisk together  1 pkg instant chocolate pudding mix & 1 cup of milk. Add this mix to brownie mix, stir thoroughly. Fold in (that’s different from stirring so ask someone if you don’t know-it’s okay at some point each of us asked someone) 1/2  (eyeball it this is supposed to be easy) a 16oz bag of milk chocolate chips & 1/3 a bottle of chocolate syrup (the kind you’d make chocolate milk with but I’m not clear on copyright laws so I’m gonna leave it at that). You are going to want a larger (ie deeper) pan than it says on the package, I use a deep cake pan that’s 9x 13. Bake according to the directions on the package, just keep in mind it will take a little longer, use the toothpick test, then cool & serve!
  • So I haven’t included beverages, because around here we’ll be having water with all this salt, but you go for it with whatever you’d like to add. (Beer maybe as they start going to bed… hmm now I’m a bit more excited about Sunday…)


Okay that’s what I’m doing. What are ya’ll going to be planning? Do you go all out or keep SuperBowl Sunday simple? Or ignore it totally? Whatever your plans are, enjoy!


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