A Thank You to a Friend

Dearest friend,

You great each day with me, silent without an agenda,

You don’t need me to feed you,

I don’t have to make sure your pants don’t have holes in them, or match your shirt,

You don’t wake other cranky members of the house,

You sit there and steam, welcoming like,

Telling me it’s okay, together, we can do this.

You propel me out the door each day, warm against the chill,

You stay where I put you,

When I return if you have chilled I simply reheat you, no explanations between us,

Always helping me focus, work, interact,

You sit beside me ever a comfort,

Letting me know you’ve got my back.

As day fades to night, I’d be lost without you, friend,

We’ll get through this together,

When sleep threatens to thwart the homework, supper, bath, and  cleaning plans,

Catching me before I fall,

You say, “No, she’s not ready yet”

With firm assuredness, “Have another”.

My unsung hero, my lifeline, my joyful partner.

That’s right, I wrote really crappy love poetry to my coffee. Honestly? Someone should, I personally would fall asleep in all sorts of inappropriate places without it. Let’s see, at the wheel (you are welcome other drivers), at work ( you are welcome fellow cubicle farm dwellers-I’ve been told I snore), doing homework with kids(sorry guys, but imagine how long it would take if I fell asleep), while cooking supper (I think this one speaks for itself), perhaps while on the internet (you can see where this is going). I’ve tried sleeping longer, couldn’t get that 30 hour day bill through congress, I’ve tried no coffee after 11 am, all kinds of things. I tell you what, me 30 minutes without coffee = me asleep. I have fallen asleep standing up at work, so seriously out. I average about 2 pots on work days, on my 1 day off each week it varies, in direct proportion to my night life . So yes I love my coffee, the smell, the taste, the keeping of the eyelids open, the whole nine yards.

Do you have a coffee love affair happening at your house? What sort crazy things have you ever done to “muddle through till I can take the time to get some sleep”?


One thought on “A Thank You to a Friend

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