Hey ya’ll come on in & have a seat around my kitchen table.

In my house the kitchen table is the epicenter, nothing happens that you could connect back to that table. It’s where we eat and cook (obviously) but it’s also where we sit and chat, get to know each other, catch up with each other, plan for our futures and daydream about the past. Homework assignments and bill paying, craft projects and Christmas assembly, pitchers of margaritas and pitchers of Country Time, all these things and more go on at our table. So when I decided to start a blog, I started with a list, as you get to know me that will make you chuckle since I keep lists of my lists so I don’t forget lists. I was writing  this list of what I’d want a blog to encompass; a sort of what’s the point list, at my kitchen table. I looked at my list which had items such as, girl chat, mom advice, recipes, crafts, and gardening; I realized what I really wanted was a virtual kitchen table. Someplace homey, not in the completely unacceptable way for people my age to use that word; a place to go to with a cup of coffee, or tea; a place take a deep breath, laugh, cry, or just feel connected, yup that’s the goal here.

So, who am I, you might be asking. I’m Mama, according to the kids (there are 3 of them & I won’t go too much more than that into them here, cause I don’t want to run you off from the start) and sometimes a friend or two as well(they are usually teasing at that point) but my alter ego’s name is Chris (she’s that lady who posed for the DMV photo & has a legal name). I’m in my 30s, and work in an office, the most recent job in a long stream of paid ways to meet very interesting (yeah that’s what I’m going with, interesting) people. I have tons of hobbies & interests that I’m really looking forward to sharing with whoever wanders in here. (now’s the time to run if you need to-no judgements) In case you haven’t noticed I write very stream of conscious, I promise to at least attempt to edit prior to posting (however I can’t spell for crap so eh). So enough about me for right now, I’ll fill you in more as we go.

So explore the site, what there is of it so far, I’m still learning here people! 🙂 Feel free to make any comments or suggestions you’d like, I’m open to them. I hope we can be friends and enjoy a  sit down together on a regular-like basis.


One thought on “Hey ya’ll come on in & have a seat around my kitchen table.

  1. *pulls a chair up to the table* A great beginning! I look forward to following your blogging career with great interest.

    This is Stephanie from the cubicle farm, by the way. One of those “interesting” people… 😉

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